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You decide what to track in Poplar. Only enter information that is important to you.

Start with the contact information included on a business card. Enter everything or just the information that you need. Poplar is designed to make it easy to enter contact data quickly.
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You can organize your contacts into multiple groups. Create group memberships so that you can filter your contacts in a way that's useful to you. For example, preferred client, newsletter recipient, internet referral, or whatever you can come up with. Each contact in Poplar can be a member of as many (or as few) groups as you need.

Easily keep track of encounters with your sales prospects & clients.

Keep track of touches. Know how many times you have interacted with a contact and the type of encounter. Enter lots of details or just a few. It's up to you!

Remember to Follow Up

Follow-up reminders keep you from missing out on business opportunities. Enter follow-up reminders to stay on track. Poplar sends you an email each morning with a list of follow-ups that are due.

Look at your data easily with Poplar.

Sort and filter your contacts to focus your sales efforts. The results can be exported directly to MailChimp, Constant Contact, or as an Excel file.

Poplar is ready to go with you on the road.

Poplar is optimized for mobile. Get quick access to the data you need while you're on the go. Poplar works on any smartphone, including iPhone and Android.
Mobile contact page
Mobile map
Poplar's mobile version includes a map for any contacts that you've entered an address for. Use it to find your way to your next meeting.

Work as a team with Poplar.

Poplar supports working as a team. The team administrator can invite members to join. Contacts are shared with your team members, but only you can edit your contacts.
Team management
Team data view
Easily switch between viewing just your data or the data for your whole team.

It's easy to get started with Poplar.

Getting your contacts into Poplar is easy. Poplar supports importing contacts from Outlook, Google Contacts, LinkedIn, and many others. If you need any help, we're happy to run the import for you.

Check your progress and stats with simple reports.

Know how many encounters, new contacts, and new clients you've added each month. Use the encounter history to look back and review what you've done during the last week, month, or more.

Access your data from any device without syncing.

Since Poplar is web based, your data is always up-to-date on any device you use. Poplar works with any computer, tablet, or smartphone. We take care of security, data backups, and software updates for you.


Poplar is so easy to use that you probably won't need much help. But if you do, we're here. Whether it's getting your data into Poplar, getting the most out of its features, or just figuring out the best way to do something, you can always contact us at support@poplarapp.com. Our contact information is also automatically added to your Poplar account so you can always get in touch wherever you are.

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